Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Manual
Published by the Asian Productivity Organization 1b-(4).gif      
 Dr. Ronald Young, United Kingdom, served as the volume editor1b-(5).gif      
2010 Year
92-833-7093-7 ISBN
Industry and Services Subject
Contains detailed information on 20 essential KM methods and tools and six further recommended tools, both divided into IT and non-IT sections Book Description
Linking the KM Tools to the APO Five-Step KM Process

I. 20 Essential KM Methods and Tools to Consider
Non–IT Methods and Tools
Learning and Idea Capture 
Peer Assist
Learning Reviews
After Action Review
Collaborative Physical Workspace
APO Knowledge Management Assessment Tool
Knowledge Café
Communities of Practice
IT Methods and Tools
Document Libraries Leading to a Document Management System
Knowledge Bases (Wikis, etc.)
Social Network Services
Voice and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Advanced Search Tools
Building Knowledge Clusters
Expertise Locator / Who's Who
Collaborative Virtual Workspaces
II. Six Further Highly Recommended Tools
Non-IT Methods and Tools
Knowledge Worker Competency Plan
 Knowledge Mapping
 KM Maturity Model
 Mentor / Mentee Scheme
IT Methods and Tools
 Knowledge Portal
 Video Sharing

III. Appendixes
A. KM Tools and the APO KM Framework
B. A Solution for the Ethnic Visions Case Study
C. Some Recommended KM Websites, KM Blogs, and KM Books
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